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Dec 07

Just the Facts by Ellen Sherman Book Review

  It’s Novel Nerd! I got the opportunity to read Just The Facts by Ellen Sherman through Book Sparks University. The book itself started off slow for me. This is not the usual type of books I read, as I go more to thriller, mystery, scifi, chick-lit, or young adult. This one is definitely just …

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Nov 25

Return to Robinson Island By TJ Hoisington Book Review

    It’s Novel Nerd! I was recently given the opportunity to read this book, the sequel to Johann David Wyss‘s Swiss Family Robinson. The book takes place in the future, after Ernst has left the island to join the Navy, Fritz has started a family, and Francis has grown to be very skilled in …

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Nov 16

Every Girl Gets Confused by Janice Thompson Book Review

It’s Novel Nerd! OK so I confess, the real reason I chose to review this book is because the cover is purple! Not really. So I started reading this book and realized that I had read books by her before. Janice Thompson has also written the “Weddings by Bella” and “Weddings by Design” . It …

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Nov 09

Rising Darkness by Nancy Mehl Book Review

            It’s Novel Nerd! Today I am reviewing Rising Darkness by Nancy Mehl. This looks to be book 3 in the series “Finding Sanctuary.” Sophie is a reporter for a big city newspaper who is chasing a decade old thief to a Mennonite city. Her past is catching up with …

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Oct 08

The Imposter By Suzanne Woods Fisher Book Review

It’s Novel Nerd! The book I read last week was called The Imposter by Suzanne Woods Fisher. It falls into the Drama Fiction category. I read quite a few dramas, and while it is not my favorite category (that would be chic-lit or scifi/ suspense) it is a great way to pass the time and …

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Sep 15

The New Wild by Holly Brasher Book Review

We are supposed to take care of the world we live in. But what happens when the earth decides it’s had enough with our wasteful ways? Jackie is your basic teenager living life at summer camp for the last time. Until she wakes up and finds that the modern world no longer exists and those …

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Sep 12

The Secret Fire by CJ Daugherty Book Review

Interested in fantasy young adult literature that is sure to turn into a series? This one is for you. The Secret Fire is the first book in the Alchemist Chronicles series and is the story of a boy and girl who have never met, but their past is intertwined in fantastic ways. Sacha is 17 and …

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Sep 08

The Memory Weaver by Jane Kirkpatrick

The Memory Weaver tells the story of a child who grows up in the un-civilized west who goes through a traumatic experience which determines how she lives her life and shapes the person she grows up to be.   Eliza Spaulding lives with her parents and family on an American Indian reservation, bring the gospel …

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