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Watcha Watching and Giveaway

Been awhile since I posted on here Zainey Friends, but anytime I have a giveaway, you can find it here. Check out this one below!


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#5FandomFriday 5 Deaths I am upset about….SPOILERS

This week’s #5FandomFriday is deaths I am most upset about. As a fangirl, there are plenty. But warning, spoilers ahead if you have not seen these shows or movies.

Phil Coulson Agents of Shield _ Zainey Laney

The Avengers

Ok so this death did not really stick, but I thought I would start you off lightly and work your way up. Coulson is one of the most loved non-superhero characters in the Marvel world in my opinion. And while he does return in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I still remember the devastation I felt when he was killed the movie.  Plus I felt a special connection with him because I saw Clark Gregg with his family (and wife Jennifer Grey) at Disneyland a long time ago. It was before he became the popular guy he is now, but if his Instagram and Dubsmash contributions are any indication, he is a pretty fun guy.

Beth from the Walking Dead _ Zainey Laney


The Walking Dead

We went on such a journey with Beth. First she was depressive and suicidal, then she grew up, really fast. Her skills came in handy when she took care of baby Judith, showing that she no longer was an annoying little sister. Over time she proved to be able to stand up for herself, and became the heart of the group. That is, until she disappeared. From then on, she was caught in a situation alone and treacherous. Her last bit of life she spent trying to protect her new friend, Noah.

And that scene where Darryl carries her from the hospital to Maggie? I bawled, like a baby. No one is safe.


Dr Horrible _ Penny _ Zainey Laney


Dr. Horrible

It was only 45 min, but in that time we fell in love with Penny and Felicia Day. Captain Hammer is a tool (see what I did there?) and you just want her to get together with Dr. Horrible. However, the very thing that Dr. Horrible is using to impress her, kills her. Joss Whedon plays with your heart by panning over the camera to the after affects of that freeze ray. RIP Penny. Too bad you aren’t around for the supposed sequel. Unless Dr. Horrible invents a reanimation ray. One can only hope!

Wash Serenity _ Zainey Laney


Firefly/ Serenity

Though I came late in the game to the Firefly craze, I am thoroughly hooked. Wash is such a funny and likeable character, and with Zooey being the ying to his yang, you can’t help but love him. Until Joss Whedon pulls the camera pan trick again and we see he is no longer a leaf on the wind, but a Wash on a Stick. WHY OH WHY? At least I have comfort in seeing him and Nathan Fillion return in their own web series.


Amy and Rory Doctor Who _ Zainey Laney

Doctor Who

The girl who waited and the centurian who loved her was one of the most devastating set of deaths in the Doctor Who Universe. Killed by some of the creepiest villains, the Weeping Angels, the duo showed what true love is. They stayed together even through the troubles they had in their marriage, and worked through the toughest of things. Their deaths were almost appropriate. Rory died heroically saving the world and Amy died so she could be with him. Even in heir deaths, they were together.


Hope you enjoyed this weeks #5FandomFriday!