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Zainey Laney Wax October 2017 Box- “Welcome to Hawkins”

For October’s wax box, we wanted to pay homage to season one of Stranger Things. Since season 2 is coming out this month, it was the perfect time to come up with some interesting scents!

October Monthly Box: Welcome to Hawkins

In each box you will receive:

– 5 wax clamshells with 6 cubes each
– Limited edition collectible Postcard
– Ability to vote on scents available in the shop
– Digital downloads of postcard and cover art
– Rewards program perks

Why is our product different?

  1. We use a soy blend which makes our wax cubes soft. This allows for better fragrance retention, faster melt time, and a stronger throw!
  2. We source our fragrance oils from companies that provide less harmful scents. Currently, we have found them to be pthalate free!
  3. You won’t see dye in our products. That’s because we don’t want anything else floating in the air in your home.
  4. We give you ART!!! You can use it on your computer, tablet, or phone!
  5. Each box will include a collectible token. Collect 10 silver (or the magic moose head) and you are eligible for a free clamshell!

For a full description of this month’s box, check out our video below!

Don’t forget that starting November 1st, only select scents will be available in our store!

Also join our Facebook group Zainey Laney Wax for special deals and discounted product ordering. Also we are always looking for PR Reps each month! More information can be seen in the group!

Thanks for being with us, and STAY ZAINEY!

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