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Sara Mor Hair Straightener Brush Review

Sara Mor Hair Straightener


First post in awhile and it’s about Sara Mor Hair Straightener Brush…

I know it’s been a hot minute since I have posted to this blog, but I plan on doing it more soon. My video on KISS Instawave is one of the most popular ones on my channel so I decided to do this one about a hair straightener brush! (If you want to view the Kiss Instawave video, you can see it here- plus see how far my channel has come!)

I received this hair straightener for review, and it is perfect for people with fine hair, like me! I have to say that I really love this Hair Straightening Device over other devices I have tried. While I did purchase it at a discount rate, I would have totally paid full price for it. You can purchase it on Amazon for $33. 

Sara Mor Hair Straightener
What comes with the hair straightener set.


Pros about this kit:

  1. It comes with clips, a tiny brush to clean it, and a bag to keep it in. You can easily put everything together in the bag for storage!
  2. The hair straightener heats up pretty fast and remembers the temperature you last used when you turn it off. Genius!
  3. It does not feel like it is frying my hair like other flat iron and curling irons. I could brush my hair like normal and it would slowly make my hair straight and volumized.
  4. The cord swivels for easy use and is pretty hefty. You won’t get it tangled easily.
  5. You can easily set the hair straightener to a variety of different temperatures. The booklet that it comes with describes the best temperature for any hair type.
Buttons on the side of the hair straightener.


  1. It is very easy to turn the hair straightener off if you are not paying attention. However, it heats up so fast that if you do, it will be ready to use again in no time.
  2. It is a tiny bit heavy so after a while your arm might get tired of being used.


See my full review below and comment with whether this hair straightener brush is something you think you might use!



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Revealed 3 Palette Review

It’s Palette Play! Make sure you are subscribing to get your palette and makeup reviews every week! Today we will be talking about the Revealed 3 palette by Coastal Scents. If you missed the Revealed 2 review  previously, be sure to check that out as well!

Revealed 3 _ Zainey Laney

This palette was used in a makeup look for Makeup & a Movie: Maze Runner 2 Scorch Trials. Here is the video if you missed it:

And now for the swatches!

Revealed 3 Palette _ Zainey Laney

The selection of colors is interesting. I don’t really go for the redder or darker shades in the palette however, it does create some pretty cool combinations.

Revealed 3 First Row 5 _ Zainey Laney

The first five in the row would make some good blending shades. The last one on the right is very creamy and yet powdery at the same time. It swiped across my hand very easily and was the most pigmented.

Revealed 3 Palette Top Row Last 5 _ Zainey Laney

Of these colors, the gold was the most pigmented. I did also like the second one to the right as well for a crease color. It blended very well and stayed in place.

Revealed 3 Bottom Row first 5 _ Zainey Laney

The bottom row has some of my favorite colors in the palette. However the last 2 of this set blend directly into my skin. Honestly you can’t even see it on my hand but they are very creamy and great to blend out a darker shade. The 3rd shade was the hardest to blend out and I had to rub it many times to get that color. It also had gold glitter in it which I was not a fan of.

Revealed 3 Bottom Row Last 5 _ Zainey Laney

I love these colors the most. They are pigmented, creamy, and provide a really nice fall color look when used together. This alone is why I would buy this palette.

Overall this palette may not be for everyone, but it does have a nice selection of colors.

Until Next Time,

Keep Calm and Stay Zainey _ Zainey Laney


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Revealed 2 Palette Review

It’s Palette Play! Make sure you are subscribing to get your palette and makeup reviews every week!

Today we will be talking about a cult classic, Revealed 2 by Coastal Scents. This is a very economical palette if you are looking for a lot of good quality colors for cheap. I have all 3 palettes in my collection and it is definitely worth it!

Revealed 2 Palette _ Zainey Laney Revealed 2 Palette Open _ Zainey Laney

Check out the video of a look I created with this palette!

The swatches below will give you an up close look at the product!

Revealed 2 Palette Top Left _ Zainey Laney

The first 5 shadows on the top are the lightest. The first couple are beautiful and blend nicely. You can tell the 4th one is a little powdery but it is a beautiful color. There are so many great bases and highlighters here!

Revealed 2 Palette Top Right _ Zainey Laney

These are some more neutral tones. The last one on the right is gorgeous and I love using that on my lid over a darker color. I am telling you, it will change your life!

Revealed 2 Palette Bottom Left _ Zainey Laney

These are some of my most favorite in the palette and can be used for a dozen different combinations. They are the creamiest and look the best on everyone.

Revealed 2 Palette Bottom Right _ Zainey Laney

Lastly, these colors can be used to make an amazing smokey eye or as a shadow liner. The last one is probably the hardest to build up in the whole palette but it blends and mixes so amazing with the lighter colors that I don’t care about that.

Overall this palette is one of my favorites and I reach for it again and again. Do yourself a favor and splurge.

Until Next time,

Keep Calm and Stay Zainey _ Zainey Laney

Disclaimer: Post may contain affiliate links.

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theBalm Meet Matt(e) Palette Review

It’s Palette Play! Make sure you are subscribing to get your palette and makeup reviews every week!

Today I will be talking about one of my favorite makeup brands, theBalm. From the packaging to the quality of the products, I just cannot get enough. Although this particular palette is no longer available, there is a new Meet Matt(e) Nude palette I want to get. This should show you how amazing they are.

theBalm Meet Matte Palette _ Zainey Laney

The names of the shades are apparently after our favorite Matts or Matt next door. Honestly I had a hard time finding a lot of the references from the names, although I believe the first name is a Doctor Who reference. The palette itself is a nice size to fit into your purse or makeup bag. It is cardboard packaging so it is lightweight. The shades are creamy and blendable, although a few are little powdery which you will see in a moment. It comes with a dual ended brush which I don’t really use because it is too hard and stiff. In the new palette, i believe it does not come with a brush and the shadows are larger.

theBalm Meet Matte palette Row 1 _ zainey laney

Let me start off by saying that these shadows will need a primer. I don’t do eyeshadow without a base or primer anyway so this is not a problem for me. The first row of colors are nice neutral shades. Matt Smith (Eleventh Doctor???) is about as light as my skin tone so it would make a great base or foundation color. If you take all 3 colors from the top row, the look they create is very minimalist and netural. Very work appropriate. As you can see above, Matt Ramirez is a little powdery but there was not a whole bunch of fallout.

theBalm Meet Matte Row 2 _ Zainey Laney

The second row has what I consider to be the more adventurous shades for this palette. For my skin tone, Matt Chung became almost invisible but it might look great on other skin tones. Matt Horowitz is one of my favorite shades in the palette, however I had to build it up quite a lot to look so pigmented. It is probably the weakest shade in the palette. Matt McDonald would make an amazing under eye liner color.

theBalm Meet Matte Palette Row 3 _ Zainey Laney

Row three has the most gorgeous color combinations. Matt Patel is probably my most used one because it is gorgeous. It makes a great transition or base color and plays nicely with all the other colors in the palette. Matt Batali is my favorite to use as an accent color. Like Matt Horowitz, Matt Schilling does take a little bit to build up but not as much. However it goes on very well.

I used this palette in my Sound of Music Makeup and A Movie video (which was one of our first!). If you like these kind of videos, make sure to subscribe to our youtube channel. Check it out below:

Thank you for staying with us! What palette should we try next?

Until next time,
Keep Calm and Stay Zainey _ Zainey Laney


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Sugar Pop Palette Review

It’s Palette Play! After this, you can be looking for palette reviews on Friday, along with other makeup reviews.

Today we will be talking about the Sugar Pop palette by Too Faced

Sugar Pop Palette _ Zainey Laney

The packaging is just beautiful! I really love the macaroons, it just makes me think of summer!

Sugar Pop Shadows Row 1 _Zainey Laney

The first row of shadows swatched above are very creamy. Rock Candy is a light cream with some glitter. Macaron is a peach color with some glitter. Malted Milk Ball is one of my favorite colors. It has just a small amount of shimmer and blends beautifully. I love to use it as a transition shade.

Sugar Pop Palette Row 2 _ Zainey Laney

Strawberry Ice is a shade I use for blending quite a lot. It barely shows up on my skin tone though. Sugared Violet has a little bit of shimmer in it, but it is the perfect accent color. Blackberry is my favorite color tone in the palette, and is one of the only matte shades. However it is a little powdery at times. Regardless, these comprise my favorite color combinations in the palette.

Sugar Pop Palette Row 3 _ Zainey Laney

Last row has the brightest in the palette. Peach Fuzz has an overabundance of glitter in my opinion and it probably my least favorite in the palette. Bubblegum is an amazing lid color, perfect for a base. Blue Raspberry is the other matte shade, and I love using this as an accent color.

Sugar Pop Look _ Zainey Laney

Here is a look I created using the palette. I really love how subtle this look is. The shadows blend beautifully and I can make so many different looks with it. You can go natural and light, bright and colorful, or dark and smokey. This is definitely a palette I recommend if you are wanting a bright look!

What palette would you like to see next in palette play? Link you favorites below!

Unitl next time:

Keep Calm and Stay Zainey _ Zainey Laney

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It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Vol 1 Matte Luxe Palette Review

Welcome to Palette Play! Today I want to highlight the It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Vol 1 Matte Luxe palette (and that’s quite a mouthful).

It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Vol 1 _ Zainey Laney

I received this palette for Christmas last year, but always go back to it because it is seriously pretty. If you wanna see how I used it, watch this Makeup and a Movie for Rear Window:

Isn’t it cute? And now for some swatches!

It Cosmetics Palette _ Zainey Laney

First off can we talk about the packaging. It really looks high end and so beautiful.

It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette Swatches _ Zainey Laney

I swatched the first four colors in the palette and I have to say that I love them. The colors are creamy, they blend amazing, and the colors are a must for any eye look.

My favorite is soulful which is swatched above. As a crease color, I find myself using it again and again. What I also love is a large transforming pearl color which is perfect as a highlight. Overall, there are 15 shades in the palette which roughly makes this palette a little under $3 a shade.

You can pick this palette up at Ulta.

Leave me a comment below and let me know what palette you want me to swatch next?


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Things I Love Thursday Sept 3, 2015

If you unfamiliar with the Nerdy Fox Blog, she does a series on Thursdays where she talks about things she loves! This is my contribution, where I am going to highlight things I am thinking about purchasing (or just making a list because the holidays are coming). If you are interested in seeing my ever-changing Amazon Wish List for Geeky Finds, it is public!

First, I have a Funko Pop Collection that I am constantly adding to. We are only a few away from completing our Walking Dead series, so this Maggie Funko would be a welcome addition. Isn’t she cute?

Maggie Walking Dead Funko _ Zainey Laney


My friend ArtByMikaelaK does such amazing designs. Recently she created THIS ONE based on Ever After. It looks amazing on a pillow, no? I need this!

Ever After Pillow _ArtByMikaelaK _ Zainey Laney

One of the games for DS that I have been trying to purchase is Tomodachi LIfe. I feel like it is still a little pricey, as I buy my games used. But perhaps in the future?

tomodachi life for nintendo DS

I have a slight obsession with Vera Bradley bags. I love this pattern and style, and would love to use it to keep my everyday makeup in.

Vera Bradley cosmetic bag

Planner supplies! I just can’t get enough. Everyone is talking about these Staedler pens for their planner, and I would love to try them. They even have pastel colors that I might have to get later.

Staedler pens

Lastly, of course, I have a makeup channel so I am on the lookout for new palettes and lippies that I can use for my Makeup and a Movie Series. Here are 2 things I would love to own.

First is this Tarlette palette that I have been wanting for like a year. Matte shadows are my jam so this would be right up my alley.

tartlette palette

La Splash is a company I don’t have many products from. But they came out with some Lip Mousse that are named after Harry Potter! Would love to try Ginny or Hermione (not pictured below, but on the site). These are $14 each on the site.



That is all for this week, zainey geeks, so check in next week for more!

Until next time…

Keep Calm and Stay Zainey _ Zainey Laney

*Disclaimer- Post may contain affiliate links.

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Zozae 8 Piece Brush Set Review

Zozae Brush Set _ Zainey Laney

I had heard a lot about these brushes from other youtubers but had never tried them before. What I love about this set is that you can use the entire set to create your makeup look and it is not lacking in brushes unless you need something more specialized. But the brush set is great and has a lot of variety.

Zozae Brush Set _ Zainey Laney



It comes in a very soft leather container with a leather flap to keep it clean. I really appreciate the quality of the brushes overall. The handle is sturdy, nice to hold, and has a good quality to them. So far they do not shed at all.
This set contains 8 brushes in all.


Let’s review the specific brushes:
Powder Brush- This brush is soft with a medium density. Perfect for putting on powder.
Angled Blush/ Contour Brush- I like that this brush is also medium density because that means it is small enough to contour your cheeks but fluffy enough to put on blush.
Foundation Brush- I don’t really use a flat brush to put on foundation but if you do this is a good alternative. The brush is domed and good for applications.
Angled Eye Liner Brush- Slightly slanted and very dense, this brush is perfect for putting on gel or cream eyeliner.
Lip Brush- I don’t use a brush for the lips, but this brush is really a multitasker. Because of it’s pointy bristles, you can use this to put on eyeliner or a little shadow in your lower lash line.
Tapered Blending Brush- This is dense domed brush that does the job of blending the shadows for the most part. It felt to me like it did not blend as well as my other brushes, but it did do it.
Eye Shadow Shader Brush- This is probably my favorite brush in the bunch, because not only can you use it on your lid but also in your crease. It blends beautifully, and better than the blending brush in my opinion. I wish they had included a crease brush like this.
Flat Concealer Brush- I am blessed to not have to use much concealer so I don’t use this brush for it’s intended purposes. Instead I use it as a lid brush. It does an amazing job at packing on the shadow and is extremely dense.

I would have preferred they include a a flat top kabuki brush and a smaller crease blush to blend, but these brushes are multi-taskers so I am not complaining!


If you want to see a look I did with these brushes, here is Makeup and a Movie: Mission Impossible Rogue Nation

Specifically this set costs $40 on Amazon with Prime. That comes to  about $2 a brush which is a great value!

From the Company:

BETTER THAN HORSE HAIR! – Synthetic brushes are tapered with finer, more precise “touch points” than horse hair can ever give you. This gives you FLAWLESS makeup application, every time!
FREE BEAUTY SECRETS E-BOOK! – Professional makeup artist reveals ## closely-guarded cosmetic secrets from inside the modeling agencies! You’ll learn what the pro’s know about how to look your best at all times – for ANY occasion!
8 BRUSHES IS ALL YOU NEED! – With what you’ll learn in the FREE e-book, you’ll discover why these 8 brushes are all you’ll ever need. Each brush can be used in a variety of different ways, giving you total versatility – just like the pro’s!
SLEEK BAG FOR CONVENIENT CARRY! – All 8 brushes fit snugly in this attractive matte black carrying case. Individual slots keep all 8 brushes in their place; preserves their life and keeps them clean, too!
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! – These luxurious make-up brushes will not shed after washing (given the correct care). Plus, our world class customer service guarantees your Total Satisfaction with our brushes! They also make a GREAT GIFT for your best friend, sister, girlfriend, or mother!

Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Post may contain affiliate links.

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Urban Decay Smoked Eyes Palette Review

A little while ago I did a Makeup & A Movie video about Mad Max using the Urban Decay Smoked Eyes Palette. You can view that below!

So I promised you a review of that palette, so here goes!

First off the packaging is what you would expect from Urban Decay. It is a nice fabric covering with a zipper closure. This is my first palette by Urban Decay and I am really in love with the packaging.

Inside, there is a nice mirror and it does come with a small sample of primer and a 24/7 black eye liner which I removed and am using separately.

Now it’s time for the swatches.

As you can see, Kinky basically blends right into my skin which for my light skin makes it a good highlight. I love Freestyle because it makes a good blending color.

Backdoor and Mushroom kind of swatch the same to me so I usually gravitate towards one or the other, but not both.

Blackout can be used to line your eyes, and it stays on pretty well!




For the bottom colors, there is a little more variety.

Barlust and Rockstar are my 2 favorite lid colors in the palette. Rockstar is such a nice purple color and if you layer it on, it becomes so pretty.

I am disappointed by Evidence because in the palette it looks like such an amazing blue color, but swatched it looks dark.

Loaded is green but it is very dark when swatched.

Asphalt is grey, and I would have liked it to be a little more silvery.

Overall, the quality of the shadows is there and they are blendable and wearable, as we have come to expect from Urban Decay. However, I don’t really feel like there is enough of a variety in the palette for me. Most of them swatch and apply so dark, it is like there is no way to have a gradient smoke on your lids. They just kind of muddy together until it is just all dark.

If you are experienced at using lots of dark colors or have superior application techniques, this might be the palette for you. However, I am not great at blending so I have a lot of trouble. Many times I have wondered if I should give this palette away, but the one thing that stops me is that I do not own any other Urban Decay palettes.

So until I find another UD (or someone gifts me one) I guess I will make do.

Comment below if you have a UD palette you wanna swap for this one!!!!